Tumbled Green Aventurine Chip Stones with ID Card - Natural Earth Mined Brazilian (Not China) Polished Rocks.

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Fantasia is a USA based mining company located in Massillon Ohio and a part owner of the Polones e Brilho tumbling factory which is based in Brazil. We want to stress that the stones you are purchasing are NOT low quality Chinese imports which are sometimes "color enhanced/dyed" or even completely man made fake rocks. When ordering this item all of the stones you receive are completely natural and mined directly from the earth, then tumbled in Fantasia's Brazilian factory and hand bagged in our Ohio warehouse. Our USA quality control allows the Fantasia brand to produce a premium quality stone which showcases the beauty of what Mother Nature created.

To compliment your stones Fantasia has created a stone information and identification card which is included with your order. This cards allow you to easily identify your stones while also providing both scientific and metaphysical information on every stone type making our stones both fun and educational.

VERY IMPORTANT: All natural Earth Mined Stones will vary in color from one stone to the next with no two stones being identical. Please expect some natural variations in color, shape, patterning, size, clarity and all other natural characteristics when ordering this product.