Fantasia Mining is one of America's largest rock, gem, and mineral suppliers with over 950,000 pounds of rough, tumbled, bookends, and crafted items in stock.
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At Fantasia, our goal is to share our love for gems and minerals with the world. We do this by traveling the US to share our collection and through our website store front.

We also work with small businesses by giving the lowest pricing and the best quality product. We do this by sourcing our gemstones directly from the mines, meaning rock bottom pricing! (pun intended) Meaning they get to share their passion with the rest of the world!

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Customer Reviews

I am beyond happy with my purchase from Fantasia Mining!
Everything from amazing customer service to absolutely beautiful rough mining
material. Kara made it so easy to set up a complicated bulk order for my son's
science experiment and the shipping took no time at all. I found an amazing
company that I will most definitely be using again!!!


I'm one of the people who showed up a few minutes before closing on Thursday. I'm not sure if the woman we talked to is the owner, or manager but I wanted to tell someone what a class act she was. We had my sister's 5 year old great grandson with us & he shares our love for rocks. By the time we thought of looking up when the store would be closing, we had 1/2 an hour to get there from the Beldon area. It seems we got every red light & then even with the help of looking it up online, had trouble finding it.

We missed being able to come in, but she made such an effort to make us feel welcome & to come in again. She gave my great, great nephew some rocks & he was so delighted.

He said, " That was so nice of her!" He couldn't wait to show his mom. We'll have to wait until he's off school again in the spring to be able to take him during your open hours, but we can stop by & get him rocks now & then before that. She went out of her way to make us, and especially my nephew feel special, and that's so wonderful.

I want to thank you for that.


Wanted to say thanks for the tour today. Kara, I believe was her name, was super awesome. Looking forward to future visits and knowledge.


I am BEYOND happy with this order!

The rocks are all the perfect size for my 3# tumbler.

I love the nice information cards, great touch!
I will be ordering again! Thank you!