2 pcs of Handcrafted Natural Selenite Double Skyscraper Lamps - 12 Inch Avg.

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The Fantasia® brand of Selenite Lamps you are ordering are 100% natural and handcrafted by master artisans using only hand selected top grade Selenite from Morocco. These lamps are a work of art standing approximately 8" tall and hand carved to perfection one lamp at a time to bring out the amazing natural characteristics of this earth mined selenite. Each lamp comes with a premium UL certified cord, bulb and dimmer switch which allow you to set the mood of the room with a soft gentle glow or to fill the entire room with a brighter illuminating light. The lamps come with a white bulb but can also be used with colored bulbs (sold separately) to quickly and easily change the entire ambiance of a room. These lamps also make great nightlights for children since they have a calming effect and the light can be kept brighter during the day and evening, then be dimmed to provide just a hint of light at bedtime.

Selenite is great for meditation and provide a serene and tranquil feeling. The soft light and skyscraper shape provide peace and calm to help recharge the body, mind, and soul. Having a selenite lamp is believed by many to assist with mental clarity and decision making, due to the soothing effects of the beautiful soft light they produce. For those who practice crystal healing selenite helps to recharge both one's self and other crystals, bringing balance into the atmosphere and eliminating negative energies.

* Please note that each lamp is hand crafted and you are not purchasing the exact pieces shown in our images. Every lamp is unique and will vary slightly in size, shape, and other characteristics due to being hand crafted with care one piece at a time.

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