Garnet Rough Stone Chips from Mexico

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The Fantasia® brand of rough Garnet Chips you are ordering are 100% natural and imported directly from the mine in India to Fantasia Mining's USA rock yard. These stones are translucent and have a beautiful color making them perfect for crafts, fountains, vase filler, art, wicca, reiki and so much more!

Metaphysical Properties: Garnet brings joy and hope by inspiring love and devotion. It is sometimes called the stone of love and sexuality due to it’s ability to enhance both sensuality and intimacy with one’s partner. It also can help overcome depression and let go of self anger that is caused by things which happened in the past. Garnet revitalizes, balances and purifies surrounding energy to provide peace, serenity and increased passion to all in its presence. It helps one to open their heart to unconditional love, and provides self confidence to express true emotions in any situation.

VERY IMPORTANT: This is rough natural material which means you are receiving it exactly how it came out of the ground. Some pictures were taken with a light under the stones which helps to show the materials true colors and clarity. It may not have the same appearance without a light behind it. Every piece is unique and the pieces you receive will not be the exact pieces from our pictures. Your stones will have natural variations in size, shape, color shades and patterning. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact Fantasia Mining prior to purchase so we can ensure you will be completely satisfied with your order.