Tumbled Rare Infinite Stones from India - Every Piece HAND POLISHED!

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Fantasia is a USA COMPANY and although our rough stones come from around the world we are based in Massillon Ohio and are proud of our superior American quality control for every one of these hand polished stones that are part of the Fantasia brand. The stones you are ordering start with our master craftsman selecting only around 100 pounds of the highest quality infinite rough from over 2000 pounds of earth mined infinite we purchase. They take this premium infinite rough and meticulously polish each stone one at a time by hand through 4 different polishing stages to bring out their amazing natural color and shine. Every piece of infinite from start to end is in our craftsman's hands who take pride in making sure each step produces only the best quality stones, and at any point if a stone does not meet Fantasia's strict quality control standards it is disgarded. While this is much more expensive to produce, it allows for unsurpassed quality and is why the Fantasia brand of hand polished stones are considered to be one of the best in the world.

As with all natural stones no two will be exactly alike and each top grade stone will vary in size, shape, color shade and patterning as shown in the images. You will get multiple pieces of these spectacular stones which are equal to the amount ordered. These are some of Mother Nature's most beautiful wonders that are polished with care to allow for the uniqueness of each individual stone to shine through. While normally tumbled stones are thrown into a drum or vibratory tumbler and polished in bulk by rubbing against each other, these top grade Fantasia infinite are polished the same way that master jewelers create individual finished stones for jewelry - and that commitment to quality shows in every piece we produce.