Drilled Gold Orange Crystal Quartz Points Strand - 0.75 to 1.25 inch - Grade 1 - Polished Loose 15" Strand of Beads.

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Fantasia Mining is a USA company based in Massillon Ohio and the manufacturer of the Fantasia brand of stones that you are ordering. Each strand of these spectacular points is 15 inches long and the average length of each point is around 0.75" to 1.25" with around 50 individual points per strand. This is only an average for the length and number of points and it is possible to get less or more on your strand depending on the diameter of each individual point.

Once these beautiful points are mined they are taken to our factory where they are sorted for quality, then the grade 1 points are drilled at the top and gently polished to remove any burrs. The next step is we coat each point using a proprietary technique that provides the vibrant colors that you receive which is chemically bonded into the surface of the crystal. The last step is putting the points on the strands one piece at a time so they are ready to ship. These points are perfect for jewelry making, artwork, crafting, reiki, crystal healing, crystal grids, pendants, pendulums and so much more!

Please note that the polish and coloring procedure we use makes the points feel extremely smooth which is not the natural feel of quartz right from the mine. This polishing procedure ensures there are no sharp areas which occur naturally when dealing with Earth Mined quartz crystals. We polish them like this so that if used in jewelry such as a pendant the points will not easily catch on a shirt or other article of clothing.

IMPORTANT: The stones you are receiving will be very similar but are not the exact stones in our images. Due to how different monitor types display color and individual monitor settings there may be a difference in the hue of color you see on your screen and the stones you receive. We do our best to make sure the colors are as accurate as possible but with some factors beyond our control the colors on your individual screen may not be identical to the color of the stones.