Fantasia Crystal Mine

Until 2011 the Fantasia Crystal Mine was known as the Sandstone Bluff Crystal Mine. This mine and its beautiful crystal was under private ownership and was not open to the public. Finding any crystal from this mine was very rare as it was not often mined by the previous owners. During the years they owned it no commercial mining was done and very little crystal was produced as they dug here mostly by hand.

The Fantasia Crystal Mine sits on a beautiful 20 acres in the Ouchita National Forest and has multiple leads of both water clear and blue phantom crystals running right through the middle. When Fantasia Mining purchased this mine in 2011 and started breaking ground they were amazed at what they found. The formations in this mine are very distinctive and unique, containing remarkable AAA+ clarity with the majority being glass backs and burrs with metaphysical properties throughout.
Fantasia Crystal Mine
Breaking Ground at the Fantasia Crystal Mine and Uncovering her Treasures!
An amazing burr from the Fantasia Crystal Mine
An Amazing Clear Phantom Burr from the Fantasia Crystal Mine!
Since this mine was kept a secret for so many years, it's amazingly beautiful crystals have barely been touched leaving a spectacular amount of exploration to still occur. While the mine sits on a full 20 acres, less than 1.5 acres has been touched to date. As of 2012 we are at the 20 foot level, and tests have shown there are crystals that keep getting bigger and nicer at least as deep as 90 feet - possibly even deeper!

The Fantasia Crystal Mine is guaranteed to produce a lifetime of crystals, and her hidden treasures are just beginning to surface. So far the crystals mined at this location have been amazing, rivaling some of the most beautiful formations from more heavily dug and established mines (such as Fantasia's own Avatar Crystal Mine) in the Mt. Ida area. We can't wait to see what else is uncovered as we dig deeper in this amazing crystal mining paradise.