Tumbled Labradorite From Madagascar- 0.75" to 1.5" Avg.

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The Fantasia® brand of Tumbled Labradorite you are ordering is 100% natural and made in Fantasia Mining's own tumbling factory. In the final stage of tumbling, Fantasia® uses a special high gloss polish so the labradorite has a superior shine and luster. This material is sold by weight and you will receive multiple pieces in your order equal to the weight purchased.

Metaphysical Properties: Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change which heightens one's intuition and enhances their psychic abilities. It protects against negative energies and helps to seal the aura from energy leaks. Labradorite helps to overcome challenges and provides strength and perseverance and is excellent to help in dealing with any type of addition or bad habit.

VERY IMPORTANT: This "AA" Grade Labradorite displays colors with a prism effect (labradorescence) when viewed from certain angles. We show both pieces turned at the correct angle with the blues, yellows, and orange color flashes showing and also pieces not at the correct angles so you can see the difference. Virtually every piece has the ability to show a color flash when turned at the correct angles. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact Fantasia Mining prior to purchase so we can ensure you will be completely satisfied with your order.

Please note that as natural earth mined stones these may contain small blemishes or imperfections even after being tumbled. Every piece will not be identical, and will contain a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns similar to those seen in our images.

Scientific Properties:
Group: Silicate: Feldspar (plagioclase)
Chemical Formula: (Ca,Na)Al(Al,Si)Si2O8Ab30-An70
Specific Gravity: 2.68 - 2.74
Moh's Hardness: 6.0 - 6.5
Refractive Index: 1.559 - 1.570

Metaphysical Properties:
Primary Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Astrological Sign(s): Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo
Vibration Number: 6,7