Ametrine Rough from Bolivia - Average size 0.5" to 2" - 10 to 30 Grams

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The Fantasia® brand When you order from this listing you are purchasing ONE FULL POUND of this spectacular material!

Ametrine is a purple and golden yellow stone that is used for cabbing, tumbling, polishing, reiki, wire wrapping, or leaving in its natural form as a decorative rock. It is not guaranteed, but it is likely you will have some facet grade material in your parcel.

This Ametrine is imported directly from the mine in Bolivia to Fantasia Mining's rock yard in Virginia. When you purchase this Ametrine you are getting a random scoop (also known as a blind pour) from hundreds of pounds of this 'A' grade material that we have in stock. The size of this material varies per piece and your random scoop may contain a few large pieces or multiple smaller pieces to equal the weight ordered.

Many of our materials are photographed wet to show the materials natural colors and characteristics. As with all 100% natural materials mined from the earth the color shades may vary in your random scoop.