Tumbled Rattlesnake Magnetic Hematite

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The Fantasia® brand of Oval Magnetic Hematite Rattlesnake Eggs is custom made to Fantasia's strict quality specifications. These stones are great fun for young and old alike making a buzzing rattlesnake like sound when thrown up into the air. They provide hours of enjoyment and have also been very successful as a fidget toy helping those who need to keep their hands busy. In addition they work well as refrigerator magnets and have a large amount of other applications which are only limited by your imagination!

Separate two magnets about 1 inch apart and toss them gently up into the air so they attract then catch them. You will hear the buzzing sound of the magnets as they rattle together in the air. As a fidget tool put two magnets together with one on top and one on the bottom then spin the top magnet. It will rotate and wiggle before going back into place side by side with the magnet on the bottom.

If you are looking for a high grade non magnetic hematite which is completely natural the Fantasia® brand of tumbled hematite stones are also available here on our website.