LARGE Tumbled Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Stones - 5-7 pcs avg.

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The Fantasia brand of Magnetic Hematite is custom made to Fantasia's strict quality specifications and contain an average of 5-7 pieces per pound. These stones are rainbow plated so they have a beautiful shiny rainbow color instead of the common black color hematite stones. They are great fun and provide hours of enjoyment as a fidget toy. They are also a great party favor, can be used in crafts, make a zinging sound, and so much more - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Very Important: These are not rare earth or considered high power magnets, containing a force of attraction similar to a refrigerator or locker magnet. Regardless of the strength of ANY magnet it is very important that they are not put in the mouth. Swallowing a magnet of any strength can cause serious injury or death. While our magnetic products are fun, educational, and entertaining, we want everyone to be safe and enjoy them which is why we stress the dangers of swallowing magnets. Customers with children should talk to them about magnet safety and keep them out of reach to ensure they are never put in the mouth or swallowed. This applies to ALL magnetic products and not only the items from Fantasia Mining.