Large Aragonite Crystal Specimens - Avg 2" Size

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The Fantasia® brand of natural Aragonite display specimens are imported directly from Morocco to the Fantasia Mining USA rock yard. Every piece is then hand checked to ensure the specimens are up to Fantasia's strict quality standards and meet Fantasia's grading requirements. Each piece is completely natural and mined directly from the earth so no two specimens will ever be exactly the same. With your order you will receive one or more pieces similar to those shown in our images depending on the quantity ordered. These are perfect as keepsakes, decorations in curio cabinets, collecting, artwork, education and a variety of other applications limited only by your imagination. Most of these pieces are nice and large with an average size of around 2" each.

Scientific Properties:
Group: Carbonate: Aragonite
Chemical Formula: CaCO3
Specific Gravity: 2.94 - 2.95
Moh's Hardness: 3.5 - 4.0

Metaphysical Properties:
Primary Chakra: Root, Crown, Sacral
Astrological Sign(s): Capricorn
Vibration Number: 9