Multi-Terminated Quartz Crystals - 1 Pound Lot | Display Specimens, Reiki, Wicca

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Fantasia® brand Multi-Terminated Crystal Points from our mine in Brazil are a spectacular assorment of crystals that are from 1 inch to 6+ inches in length.

These multi-terminated points are some of the most unique we have received in a long time. You may find double terminated, castles, regrowths, clusters, tabbies, and numerous other types of crystal formations in your order with each crystal having at least two visible terminations.

These are all 100% natural and unpolished so they may have some dings or chips that occurred during the mining process. Each crystal is totally unique and you may receive one large crystal or multiple smaller crystals with your order to equal the weight purchased.

When you order from this listing, you are purchasing a minimum of ONE FULL POUND of these beautiful crystals.

It is important to understand that these are natural crystals, therefore the stones you receive may not be the exact stones pictured but will be from the same lot and each crystal will be completely unique. If you have any questions about this or any of our other Facet or Cabbing rough available on our website, feel free to contact Fantasia Mining and we will do our best to assist you.