Hand Polished Ruby in Kyonite from India - Top Grade - Avg 1" to 1.25"

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The Fantasia® brand of Hand Polished Ruby in Kyonite from India are polished one stone at a time for a brilliant finish (not bulk tumbled!). Each and every stone is unique due to their individual polish and distinct natural formation. These are bulk natural polished tumbled gemstones for wicca, reiki, and energy crystal healing.

Metaphysical Properties: Ruby and kyanite have a strong synergy with each other. Where ruby is a heart stone, kyanite is a high energy connection stone. Together they amplify the holders clairvoyance and show the path the one's heart's true desires. Together, these stones have the potential to manifest its holder's dreams into reality by creating a clear connection between the heart and the mind.

- Each stone is an Avg 1" to 1.25"

* Please note: Some material types will have imperfections due to their natural characteristics. The number of acceptable imperfections is relative to the material type being polished.